Friday, January 07, 2011

100 Books–#4: I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason

I picked this one up for the title alone. In fact, to this day I haven’t actually done more than skim the back cover blurb but that's okay. The title totally does it for me. 

As a girl, I was a serious Perry Mason fan. I watched those old reruns religiously. Every night, I sat on my bed and practiced my shorthand homework while Perry, Della Street and Paul Drake made the world a safer place. I snarled at Hamilton Burger (did he ever go after the right guy?) and wondered whether the author intentionally named the guy Hamburger. 

I thought Della was not only beautiful but one sharp cookie, and Paul Drake was big and strong and loyal. Though I never fantasized about Perry romantically, I marveled at his brilliance, and tried to reach the outcome before he got there. I don’t think I ever won, but I sure loved to try. So when I saw this book somewhere, I knew I had to have it. Yeah, I’m late reading it, but better late than never, right?

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