Fred Vickery Mysteries


Originally published by Berkley Prime Crime
July 1995
ISBN: 0-425-14835-1

In a little town like Cutler, Colorado, there's always time to stop and chat with a enjoy a glass of lemonade on the front porch...or to watch the sunset over Spirit Lake. But that doesn't mean there's no such thing as murder...

Fred Vickery's getting to that age.  Doc Huggins says he's supposed to avoid cholesterol, salt, and excitement.  He's doing his best to cooperate--if only to placate his overly concerned daughter.But cutting down on salt is easier than avoiding excitement--especially when Fred finds a dead body on his morning walk. 

The victim was a newcomer (she'd only been in town ten years), but Fred's been here forever.  He knows everyone--and knows just what questions to ask.  And he intends to find the culprit--doctor's orders be damned...

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Originally published by Berkley Prime Crime
February 1996

ISBN: 0-425-15185-9

Seventy-three years haven't dampened Fred Vickery's enthusiasm for life--or his pride in his children, however foolish they may be.  Like his impetuous son Douglas.  Since his divorce, Douglas has managed to ignore all of Fred's advice about reconciling with his ex-wife.  

Now, Douglas is the only suspect in the murder of her new boyfriend.  There's no way Fred is going to sit back and let his son tape the rap for murder--no matter what his daughter, his doctor, and the sheriff say.  So Fred turns to the one source that will eventually reveal the truth:  the small-town gossip mill.

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Originally published by Berkley Prime Crime
July 1996
ISBN: 0-425-15383-5

Fred hasn't seen much of his in-laws since the death of his wife.  But family loyalty prevails when his late wife's niece is accused of murdering her husband.  

Though rumors of infidelity point to Nancy's guilt, Fred knows that more is going on here than a relationship turned sour.  He's determined to uncover the truth, even though the whole town of Cutler--his family included--has joined forced to keep him from getting involved in the case...

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Originally published by Berkley Prime Crime
January 1997
ISBN: 0-425-15626-5

Fred knows something is wrong when Doc doesn't lecture him about his diet. Doc hasn't been the same since his daughter took up with the town's resident loser:  a good-for-nothing musician who already has a wife.  But the worst is yet to come.  

When the guy dies of an insulin overdose, suspicion falls on Doc.  Fair weather friends are saying that Doc made a fatal mistake and is too old to practice medicine.  But Fred knows better--and starts nosing around.  His only problem is discovering something that makes Doc look less guilty--not more...

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Originally published by Berkley Prime Crime
December 1997

ISBN: 0-425-16113-7

A man is lucky to live his life in a place like Cutler, Colorado.  At least that's what Fred Vickery thinks--and he ought to know.  A lifelong resident, Fred is seventy-three and still going strong.  He plans to live in Cutler for the rest of his life--and the last thing he wants to see is change.  But Fred's about to discover once again that the more things change, the more they stay the same...

Fred's not a betting man.  Never was.  But he would wager every penny he has that bringing gambling to Cutler is the biggest mistake the town could ever make.  Fred doesn't think the issue is worth killing over--but someone in town apparently does.  Just hours after inciting a near riot at the Copper Penny, Lenore Irvine is found murdered.  And it doesn't take Fred long to get into the thick of the police investigation, especially since his son-in-law is the prime suspect.  It just goes to show--in a town like Cutler, murder always strikes close to home.
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Originally published by Berkley Prime Crime
February 1999
ISBN: 0-425-16736-4

Fred Vickery knew that attending his high school reunion was a mistas soon as he met up with his hated boyhood rival, LeGrande Macafee.

It seems the former classmate and Fred's deceased wife shared some personal high school memories that the senior sleuth never knew about--and that LeGrande is a little too eager to divulge.

But before the reunion is over, LeGrande Macafee is dead, and Fred suddenly finds himself elected most likely...not to solve a murder, but to commit one...

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