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What other readers are saying about Sherry's books:

5 Stars! "Let it Snow was one of the best presents I gave myself during this holiday season." ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "I've read this book every year since I discovered it in a thrift store...You won't regret buying this book. I never did." ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "Hot cocoa for the soul..,All I want for Christmas is another of these heartwarming stories." ~amazon reviewer

"Super category romance that leaves the competition snowbound." - amazon reviewer

A Time to Dream 

5 Stars! "A Time To Dream is romance with a message; when life hands you lemons, it really is up to you to DECIDE to make lemonade.I definitely plan to read more by Sherry Lewis!" ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "This is a wonderfully entertaining book that will appeal to those who enjoy time travel romance, especially those who are fans of authors Diana Gabaldon and Terri Brisbin. The author is a gifted storyteller, as it is a well-written, well-plotted book, with a cogent storyline and engaging characters." ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "This story is one of depth. If you like "fluffy" stories without any words of wisdom within it's pages, or romances with gratuitous sex, this one isn't for you.I found my attention captured within the first few pages. Sherry Lewis piques the interest of her reader immediately." ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "This is a great story. Lewis succeeds in both getting her character (Shelby) back in time and also developing a good character-based story."

Whispers Through Time

"The characters are written with the characteristic warmth of Sherry Lewis, and the setting description is satisfying. This is a story that doesn't forget the plot for just romance. Enjoy!" ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "Great story. Didn't realize I had read the sequel (An Echo in Time) first, but didn't matter. Both books were great." ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "Great read. A must have!" ~amazon reviewer

An Echo in Time

"With a villain you'll love to hate and a hero you'd love to meet, this is a story to make you smile." ~Affaire de Coeur

5 Stars! "Absolutely delightful!" ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "Too funny!" ~amazon reviewer

No Place for Secrets

5 Stars! "Strong debut. I'll be hunting down the rest of this great series." ~amazon reviewer.

"I'm going to have a hard time waiting for the next book in the series." ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "Delightful read." ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "Love it!" ~amazon reviewer

No Place Like Home

5 Stars! "A fun read with great twists. Great follow to book one. Ready for the next in the series." ~amazon reviewer

5 Stars! "I love it." ~amazon reviewer

No Place for Death

5 Stars! "Another great book in the series. Fun to read them again after all these years!" ~amazon reviewer

"I have enjoyed these books because they have been suspenseful and exciting without getting caught up in the gore. The writing style flows easily and is comfortable reading." ~amazon reviewer