Saturday, January 08, 2011

100 Books: #5 Don't Tell

Number 5 on my List for the 2011 To Be Read Challenge and my own list of 100 Books I Want to read is DON'T TELL by Karen Rose. A few years ago, I was walking around in a publisher-sponsored book signing at the Romance Writers of America annual conference. As I rounded a corner in the crush of people, I spotted one of Karen Rose's books sitting on the table and I knew I had to have that book. Dark. Mysterious. Compelling. 

I found the covers so intriguing, in fact, I stopped and got a book. Maybe two. I can't remember now. I do remember that I also came away with a bookmark which ended up on my desk a few weeks later. 

My daughter sat down to use the computer, spotted the bookmark, and had the same reaction I'd had. She just had to read at least one of Karen Rose's books. And of course, after one, she was hooked. I guess great cover art does make a difference--at least with some people!

from the blog On My Mind Today

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