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For more than 20 years, Dancing on Coals Workshops have been a favorite among fiction writers, talking about conflict, motivation, goals, scene structure, plotting and more. 

The first two workshops are available in Kindle format now, and soon all of DonC's popular workshops will be available for your Kindle. 

Spinning Straw into Gold: 

The Art and Craft of Revisions

Based on the popular online workshop that focuses on revising your novel once you’ve finished the first draft. This book will take you from rough first-draft to polished finished product by putting all your skills together. Learn how to look at the whole landscape instead of just that cloud in the corner, how to revise in waves when necessary and how to revise the manuscript as a whole as well as scene by scene. 

You'll learn how to make sure your characters have come to life, your conflict is real and believable, your characters believably motivated and your sensory texture is richly drawn.

Click here for your copy! Spinning Straw Into Gold: The Art And Craft of Revisions

Creating Characters with Character

From hero and heroine to protagonist and antagonist, main characters to sidekicks and walk-ons, you'll learn the art and craft of breathing life into the characters in your story. Learn how to uncover what drives your characters emotionally, what they want from life and what they value. Explore the best uses of point-of-view and perspective, and learn how to find your characters' unique voices. Learn successful techniques for conducting character interviews and getting your characters' emotions out of your head and onto the page. 

You'll walk away from this workshop knowing how to add those special touches that will take your characters from ordinary to extraordinary in every book you write.

Click here for your copy: Creating Characters with Character

Watch for more of your favorite Dancing on Coals writing workshops on Kindle soon.

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