Time Travel Romance


Hannibal, Missouri, 1999. While trying to save two historic houses from an uncertain fate, Shelby Winters is whisked back in time--and into the body of Zacharias Logan's estranged wife... 

Hannibal, Missouri, 1871Becoming Agatha Logan is​ no walk in the park​ for Shelby. ​Agatha has secrets she hasn't shared with anyone and her marriage to Zacharias is all but over.

Shelby is undeniably attracted to Zacharias, but even in the past, she doesn't know why Zacharias built two identical houses or why his marriage to Agatha is in trouble. If she is to preserve the houses, she must mend the marriage and get back home before she loses her head--and her heart--completely...

Originally published by Jove Time Passages
December 1999 - ISBN: 978-0515127294

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Cortez, Colorado, Present Day.  Someone was looting the ancient Anasazi ruins at Black Mesa--and it was Kurt Richards's job to stop them.  Of course, most of the damage had been done a century before, when settlers first discovered the ruins.  But there was no way Kurt could change the past--until he slipped down a cliff face and into a time he had only imagined...

Cortez, Colorado, 1890.  When he cannot find the modern city of Cortez, Kurt has to accept the unbelievable.  But he may be able to change the future when he stumbles upon the Lazy H ranch--where the recently widowed Olivia Hamilton struggles to hold on to her land.  

Without Kurt's help, she could lose her property--and the ruins that sit on it--to a greedy banker.  As their friendship blossoms into passion, Kurt is determined to prevent the loss of Olivia's home--and the loss of his own heart to a woman who lives in another century...

Originally published by Jove Time Passages
November 2000 - ISBN: 0-515-12952-6

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Sheriff and single mother, Taylor O'Brien, has enough worries as it is, what with spearheading a campaign for her re-election as sheriff, keeping the peace in her Montana mountain town, and raising her ten-year-old son.  The last thing she needs now is a complicated romance...

Then into Taylor's life wanders Sam Evans, a ruggedly handsome cowboy who looks like he just stepped out of the late 1800's.  As if his clothes aren't strange enough, Sam has never tasted a french fry, jumps at the jingle of a phone, and has never seen a woman in pants, let alone a lady-sheriff.  The fact is, he did just step out of the nineteenth century--through a time-travel change.  By traveling through time, Sam had hoped to forget his woman troubles for a while.

But it was over a hundred years ago that Sam swore off women--and time has a way of changing one's mind.

Originally published by Jove Time Passages 
September 2001 - ISBN: 0-515-13156-3



Courtney Moss only came back to her quiet hometown of Virginia City, Montana, to clean out her grandmother's attic--and she's only attending the town Victorian Ball as a favor to a friend who's helping her.  But when she  slips into an antique rose gown, she miraculously slips out of the modern world...and ends up in Virginia City during the gold rush. 

Heath Sullivan finds her locked in a shed--all dolled up and talking crazy.  He's never seen a woman like Courtney in a wild boomtown like this.  Could she be telling the truth about being from somewhere in the future?  

Heath doesn't plan on sticking around to find out, no matter how beautiful she may be.  And despite the comforting presence of this rugged stranger, Courtney certainly doesn't intend to stay in 1864.  But time after time, love seems to have a plan all its own....

Originally published by Jove Time Passages
March 2003 -- ISBN: 0-515-13366-3

Coming in Kindle format April 2016!

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