Wednesday, January 05, 2011

100 Books -- #2 What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day

I first heard about this book when it became a pick for Oprah's book club. Not that I generally like to read the books Oprah selects for her book club. They're usually very dark and take me to places I've been working hard to climb out of, so I tend to avoid them. But this one caught my eye and I added it to my list. I've just never gotten around to actually reading it. I intend to rectify that omission in 2011.

Unlike the books I shy away from, this one sounds like something I might like:

This highly praised debut novel by a renowned African-American playwright/essayist is a gritty yet warm and inspiring story of hope, love, and homecoming.
Inspiring. Hope. Love. Home. All those lovely, comfort words with a touch of grit tossed in to keep it from getting boring. I'll let you know whether I think it lives up to its press when I've finished it. 

from the blog On My Mind Today

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