Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

I’ve been the world’s worst blogger again recently, despite my best intentions. I spent two months with my youngest daughter, helping her when Baby Wonderful #2 came along. Copy of DSCF0414

I had great plans to blog every day and talk about how great it is to be a grandma again, how much I love those two incredible little girls, and how much fun it was to write on the beach every day.

Every day? Snort! Was I ever delusional. I spent most of my time making bottles and changing diapers, and occasionally trying to get a little sleep. Came home again, had houseguests for two weeks, and then packed my bags for DC and the RWA annual conference.

I even carted my camera around the hotel with me for six days, planning to get great pictures that I could post here when I came home and became a reliable and interesting blogger, but somehow only managed to pull the camera out of my bag once.

So I’m home and thinking a lot about my busy spring and summer, and really planning to get myself in gear again now that things are settling down.


I mean it this time. 

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