Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Cell Phone Blues

Phone ShockerI just finished posting my entry on the Super Authors blog this morning. Six Weird Things About Me. Come on over and check it out! Cool I'm annoyed with my cell phone today, and I need to vent. When I signed up for my current service, I got a free cell phone. A nice little Nokia that, at the time, had a what I thought were a lot of bells and whistles. It worked great, never gave me a moment's trouble, but when my daughter upgraded a while later, the phone she chose looked so great I couldn't resist. I decided to join her and upgrade to a flip phone. The phone arrived and I loved it, except the ring tones were all so quiet I couldn't hear the phone when it was inside my purse and after a while the screen cracked and then stopped working. So back I went to my Nokia. A little while later, my youngest daughter bought a phone from a friend for about $30. It was a great phone. So great, that someone stole it from her while she was playing designated driver one weekend. So for Christmas, I found her another phone like it on eBay for not much money and decided to take a risk. They actually had two, and I thought, well why not? So we both got the nice flip phone with the camera for about 1/4 of what we'd have spent on new phones. They even worked great -- for a few months. But then the speakers went out -- not just on one phone, but on both of them. So even though the screens worked and we could hear that someone was calling, we couldn't hear a word they said. I keep trying to make that phone work because I like it. The screen is easy to read, even without my glasses, and the graphics are clear and sharp, unlike my little Nokia. But the receiver part (whatever that's called) is just dead. I even tried using a hands-free set with it, but that didn't work either so. . . you guessed it . . . I'm back to my old reliable Nokia again. :::sigh::: But hey, at least it works, right?

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