Monday, May 01, 2006

Shop Til You Drop

Over the weekend, I went shopping with my youngest daughter. From the time she was little, she has been a picky shopper--the opposite of my oldest daughter, who shops very much like I do. Daughter #1 and I walk into the store, find something we like, check the size and the price, hold it up to see if it looks like it will fit, and we're done. Daughter #2, however, tries on every article of clothing, and trying something on once is never enough. When she was younger, I got into the habit of going into the dressing room area with her and sitting in a nearby, unused dressing room because standing around outside a dressing room for as long as it took her to try everything on once, and then in various combinations, just wasn't fun for me. I learned early on not to push her to hurry. Pushing her to hurry or encouraging her to buy something she's not completely sold on was just a waste of money. I learned that difficult lesson through experience. She's grown up now, though, and she's working a great new job, and this weekend's shopping trip was funded by her paycheck, not mine. She tried everything on just as she always has. She checked out every combination to make sure this skirt not only looks great with that blouse and that blouse, but with that blouse as well. She decided on and against things, decided on her Must-Buy stack, her will buy if I Have Enough Money stack and her Absolutely No Freakin' Way stack. The shopping trip took just as long as they always do, but somehow, knowing that itwasn't going to cost me anything but time and sore feet made the time fly by a whole lot faster :)

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