Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wedding Bells

I should know better. I'm certainly old enough to know better, but somehow I always get caught thinking that some day something's going to happen to make life slow down long enough to me to catch up with myself. I thought this spring was going to be my time. It was all planned out, right down to how many words a day I was going to write and what I was going to plant in my garden. Then my daughter came home and announced that she and her boyfriend were going to get married. At the end of June. Right in the middle of the Catch-Up-With-My-Life time I'd scheduled. So guess what I've been doing. (Hint: I have NOT been catching up with anything.) It's really okay, though. Stressful as it has been to plan a wedding on a limited budget in just a few short weeks, it's been fun spending time with Vanessa, helping her plan her special day, and watching the changes in her as she prepares to become a wife. And I'm absolutely delighted with Ian, the man she has chosen to spend the rest of her life with. Two big thumbs' up from mom

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