Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sugar Cookie Follow-up

Yesterday I posted about a recipe that caught my eye while I was poking around on Pinterest. It's a recipe for a sugar cookie bar that (allegedly) tasted just like one of my favorite guilty pleasures, the gas-station sugar cookie (also known as Granny B's). At the very moment I was blogging about my love of Granny B's most amazing cookie and the recipe I'd found that was supposed to taste just like it, some very dear friends (honorary nieces, really) were trying to stir up a batch of sugar cookies for the Wednesday night class they teach at church. Unfortunately, the project wasn't going all that well.

Their mom saw my blog post, printed off the recipe, and the twins started over. I'm delighted to announce that not only did the sugar cookie bar recipe work much better than the cookie recipe they were trying to follow, but (dear, wonderful young women that they are) they saved a couple for me so I could see whether they lived up to my hopes that they'd successfully satisfy a Granny B's craving.

The verdict? Yum!!!!!!!

Will the recipe satisfy a craving for those of us who live in locations where Granny B's isn't available? I say a resounding yes!

Thank you High Heels and Grills!

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