Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Guilty Pleasures: The Gas Station Sugar Cookie

Okay. I'll admit it. I love those sugar cookies you find at the gas station. You know the ones, don't you? They're slathered with thick pink frosting and individually wrapped. I'm not sure why I like them so much. I shouldn't like them, but I do. I never try to make them, even though I've thought about it a gazillion times. A homemade sugar cookie is bound to be better than the gas station variety, isn't it?

Trouble is, in order to make a sugar cookie good enough to satisfy my Granny B's craving, I'd have to make the cookie dough, roll out the dough, cut the cookies, and bake them. Then there's the whole frosting issue. Can I just buy it in a can, or would I have to make a homemade frosting? And if the frosting had to be homemade, did I even have a recipe that would be good enough to top the cookies if I went to all the trouble to make them?

So when I stumbled across this recipe for sugar cookie bars on Pinterest this morning, everything else flew right out of my head. I couldn't get back to work until I'd pinned the recipe and made sure the pin actually took me to the recipe (a consistent problem on Pinterest. Is there anything more frustrating than pinning a recipe or a DIY project, going back to it with hopes high, only to discover the pin takes you either to a warning that the page is unsafe or a picture without recipe and/or instructions???)

So, for anyone like me who would love to make a good pink-frosted sugar cookie without the muss and fuss, this link should take you right to High Heels & Grills, the blog where I found the recipe.

You're welcome :-))

Now it's your turn? What's your favorite guilty pleasure?

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stanalei said...

That's a yummy looking site, Sherry. Thanks for sharing the link. My guilty pleasure is still just a plain ole potato chip. Can't eat just one.