Wednesday, March 02, 2011

100 Books: #17 Dipped, Stripped, and Dead

I love cozy mysteries. Absolutely love cozy mysteries. My first conscious thoughts about wanting to be a writer stirred inside me while I read the Nancy Drew series. I wasn't even a tween when I identified the desire to become a novelist. And when I became a novelist, I wanted to write mysteries.

Of course, as I grew up and my reading tastes broadened, I also realized that I wanted to write classic romance stories and the great American novel. And one of these days, that epic love/adventure story set around the American Revolution is going to show up on my book shelf. Just you wait and see.

But no matter how many other types of books I add to my list of favorites, the cozy mystery stays at the top of the heap. I love the current wave of hobby/foodie cozies, which is why I'm currently writing one. And that love of cozies is what lands Dipped, Stripped, and Dead by Elise Hyatt at #17 on my list of 100 Books I Want to Read. 
Divorced and strapped for cash, Candyce "Dyce" Dare starts up Daring Finds, a furniture refinishing business. But when she goes dumpster diving for discarded furniture-and uncovers a corpse-Dyce may find herself redecorating a jail cell. 
A body a a dumpster! Does it get any better than that?

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