Friday, February 04, 2011

Ten Favorite Photos

Ten favorite photos in no particular order

Copyright Stholen Moments Photography
This one pretty much speaks for itself 

 My dog's first experience with a real body of water. 

Home from deployment. 

Big Sis and her friend Benjamin

Vanessa and me on the way home from Jacksonville

Sunrise on the Isle of Palms

Copyright Stholen Moments Photography
Riding on the Polar Express -- arriving at the North Pole

Taken on our last Pioneer Day in Utah

Why I had a little trouble working while living with the grandkids! 
This was the view from my "office." 


Jodi said...

Love your photos!! I played along too, come and see!

Kim said...

Hi Sherry! Loved your photos and enjoyed your blog very much. I'm so glad that you got the chance to play along with us. Your Home from Deployment photos are really touching. I hope you have a wonderful day!