Monday, January 31, 2011

100 Books: #14 The Magic of Ordinary Days

I have this book listed as #14 on my list of books to read and it's the second alternate in my 2001 To-Be-Read Challenge list. Trouble is, as I began to write this post and I looked at the blurb on, I realized that I may have already read this book. The story line certainly sounds familiar. Lonely girl married to a man she hardly knows. Becomes friends with two Japanese sisters in a nearby internmnent camp . . . If I haven't read it, I read its identical twin.

So I may not be able to use this one as an alternate after all. I'd just check my copy, but I can't find it -- this despite the fact that my daughter and I have spent hours cataloging all the books in the house and making sure we know where they are. Oops! Apparently we failed.

So if I can ever figure out where my copy is and figure out whether I've already read this book, I'll either leave it on my list or take it off.

Which brings me to a question. For those of you who have TBR stacks in the hundreds, if not thousands... How do you keep track of your books? Inquiring minds and all that....

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Sherry Lewis said...

Ah! Found it! And verified with a friend from my book club that we did, indeed, read this book. So I made a mistake by listing it on the 2011 TBR Challenge :(