Friday, January 14, 2011

100 Books: #10 Flamingo Diner

Number 10 on my list of books I want to read is Sherryl Woods' Flamingo Diner. I think I picked this one up shortly after my youngest daughter and her husband moved from Utah to Florida, taking with them the wonder child who was, at that time, my only grandchild.

For months after they left, I picked up everything I could find that had a palm tree on it or some connection to Florida. Made me feel closer to them in some odd way. Until I started writing this blog post, I wasn't even sure what the book was about. Another instance of cover art swaying my book-buying habits.

Today, I actually read a blurb about the book, and I'm relieved to say that it sounds like something I'll like. A few key words appear, such as, small town, secrets, tragic death, and questions. And, oh yeah, there's a romance involved. I'm always relieved when an impulse buy turns out to be a good thing.

How about you? Are you an impulse buyer? If so, do you ever regret giving in?
from the blog On My Mind Today

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