Thursday, November 05, 2009

First Day at Work

Today was my first day at work since the move, and I was more productive than I expected to be. I've worked out a deal with the kids and grandkids to leave the house at 9:00 every morning and work somewhere else until noon since there's no way I can establish the focus I need with everyone under one roof and two grandkids who (thankfully!) love their Ooma and want her attention.

This morning, I spent the first hour at the beach, which was tough duty!

Even though I spent three months here in the spring, I'm still endlessly fascinated by my surroundings which seem exotic and foreign to me.The city crews were out this morning putting up Christmas decorations, and I'm completely in awe. I haven't yet adjusted to Christmas, flowers, and palm trees.

After my laptop battery was just about depleted, I loaded everything up, turned on the GPS and looked for the nearest library. Valerie and I had scoped out a couple of libraries yesterday and I found one on the other side of the county that had plenty of space to work and convenient cubbies with electrical power but no internet connection, which makes uploading workshop discussions or answering questions a bit problematic.  The library we found yesterday looks like this ... in November! Amazing!

Anyway, I managed to get today's discussion on suspense written while I was working this morning, but didn't make it to the actual writing of a book part of my day. Tomorrow, though, will be another day at the beach!
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