Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Got a late start on the packing this morning, probably because Val and I stayed up until nearly 2 am. Since I'm not a night person, staying up that late always knocks me. We dragged out of bed at a little after 9, and took another hour to get the cobwebs out of our heads before we actually did anything. I spent the day working in my office, going through massive amounts of accumulated stuff that felt like important items in my life a month ago and has suddenly become trash. We hauled a load of stuff to the dump (free today for fall cleanup, yay!) rounded up all of our pictures from all over the house, which we're going to wrap and pack tonight while we watch yet more of the backlog on the DVR. 

First up, an episode of The Forgotten which I'd really like to see do well, but may need a bit of a shakeup on the writing staff. Some of the dialogue is pretty lame. But I really liked Christian Slater in My Own Worse Enemy which suffered a cruel and untimely demise because it was an excellent show -- smart, fast, unique, and entertaining -- but it had the misfortune to be on NBC. Just look at the network's schedule for the last few years and you'll see that I'm right. If it's a good show with intelligent writing and good acting, NBC will axe it. I keep hoping that Enemy will show up on the USA Network, but I have yet to see my hopes realized 

NBC's track record makes me worry for Trauma, which I think has a lot of promise -- and not just because my cousin is part of the sound-editing team on the show. I've only watched the pilot episode so far, but the sound effects were pretty amazing ... oh, and the story was pretty good too. I think the actors will come into their own and I'm hoping the show will get a real shot. 

Next up: Modern Family, which is the only new sitcom I've even bothered to look at. So far, it makes me laugh, so I'm giving it a thumbs up. Last year my sitcom of choice was Worst Week, which made me laugh until I hurt for the first 4-5 weeks and then lost steam. Too bad, too. Those first five weeks were really funny.

But enough of that! I really need to get back to work. I have to be out of this house and have it completely cleaned one week from tonight. No time for lollygagging! 

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Ainsley said...

Love the ticker factory thing! Have a safe trip south and we'll think of you during hurricane season...and when watching shows about alligators or dolphins.

Best wishes

Sherry Lewis said...

Thanks Ainsley! And I'll think of all of you every time I see mountains and snow :) I think we're going to burn our window scraper in effigy before we leave here.