Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Creating Compelling Characters

It's that time again! Registration is open for March's workshop on creating compelling characters. March 2 - 27, 2009
Registration Fee: $40
CREATING COMPELLING CHARACTERS: From hero and heroine to protagonist and antagonist, from main characters to sidekicks and walk-ons, you'll learn the art and craft of breathing life into the people who walk the pages of your manuscript. Learn how to discover your characters' motivations and conflicts, and how to add those little touches that take characters from ordinary to extraordinary.
In this workshop you'll learn:
  • How to discover what moves your characters
  • How to learn what your characters value
  • How to identify the conflicts your characters face
  • How to conduct character interviews
  • How to see the world through your characters' eyes so you can adequately portray that on the page.
  • How to create a strong, interesting character arc
Workshops are conducted through Yahoo! Groups listservs, so discussions are delivered into your e-mail in-box. Each lesson contains an exercise geared to let you practice the tools of your craft on your own work in progress, and you'll get in-depth feedback on each exercise you submit. In addition, your registration fee entitles you to a 20-page in-depth critique of your actual manuscript. Email Sherry ( for more information or click here to register. _______________________________
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