Monday, October 01, 2007


I've spent most of the day on the phone, calling people to let them know the outcome of the Romance Writers of America elections. It's been a fun day, and now that I've had a chance to talk to some of the candidates I'd never met before, I'm really getting excited about the coming year. I think we're going to have an outstanding Board of Directors next year. Meanwhile, it's Manic Monday, and the theme of the day is orange. Orange? What?!? Orange? What do I have to say about orange, except that my dear friend Jo Ann hates the color orange. I, however, have no feelings one way or the other about orange, but I do have a childhood memory, so I guess I'll share that. When I was a very little girl, maybe 4, my parents enrolled me in pre-school. I think our parents took turns carpooling, but I'm not sure. What I remember is that we must have been required to bring snacks from home because the other little girls and I would sit in the back seat and give each other clues about what we had in our snack bags. I was not good at this game, and I hated playing every day. The other girls seemed to have no problem guessing what I had in my bag, and I never could guess what they had in theirs. Of course, my mother always sent me to pre-school with a piece of fruit, and I probably gave brilliant clues like, "It's long and yellow," or "It's round and orange." Well, one day, my mother finally, finally sent me to school with the kind of treat I'd been longing to take ... an orange frosted Halloween cookie in the shape of a Jack-O-Lantern. I was elated because not only did I get something other than fruit for lunch, but I had a treat that surely would stump the other kids in the carpool. I would tell them my treat was round and orange, and they would guess that I had an actual orange in the paper bag I clutched in my little hands. I remember getting into the car that day. I remember being almost giddy with excitement. I remember not being able to guess what anyone else had, but for once it didn't matter. Finally, it was my turn to give my clues. My treat, I announced proudly, was round and orange. I waited with bated breath for the others to guess the wrong thing, but the first little girl popped up like a real smart-aleck and said, "A pumpkin cookie!" I can still remember the crushing disappointment I felt when she guessed, and I don't remember ever playing that stupid game again. :( Jack O' Lantern Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Jamie said...

Oh my that is a sad memory. We are all really, really good at something and really, really bad a something else. The really, really bad does hurt when you are a child until you find out about the really, really good.

Claire said...

That was a stupid game :(

You were indeed picking up a slight vibration in the universe! But fingers crossed it has sorted itself out now :)

Thanks for visiting :)