Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It Drives Me Crazy

So I was clicking around the internet today and found a meme called Heads or Tails. The subject for the day is either Pets or Pet Peeves, and I'm debating which one to talk about. On the one hand, nobody wants to hear somebody complaining -- do they? Judging from some of the blogs I've stumbled across, maybe they do. On the other hand, I've talked about my pets so much, you're probably all sick of hearing about them. On the third hand, there are plenty of things that drive me crazy, so how would I pick just one peeve to call my pet?
So then I think maybe I should blog about peeves I have about my pets -- but that would probably be defeating the whole purpose of the Heads or Tails concept. So okay, I'll try to narrow my list of peeves down to one.
If I must pick one (and I must because I refuse to list all my peeves and alientate everyone who visits here) I'll pick tailgaters. Not the folks who get together for barbecue and what-not before football games, but the original tailgaters. The jerks who travel behind you on the freeway at 70 mph, leaving all of about 2" between your rear bumper and their front one. The idiots who actually believe they're in control of anything in this world, and who think they can anticipate everything that's going to happen on their journey.
There isn't much that happens on the road that irritates me as much as someone riding my bumper when I'm driving somewhere, and it especially irks me when I have my granddaughter in her car seat which, by law, has to be in the back seat of the car which, by definition, is the first place the idiot in back of me will destroy when he plows into me if I breathe wrong.
Yep, that's my top peeve -- at least today :)

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1 comment:

Jamie said...

You hit on one of my driving peeves particularly when the guy riding your bumper is a big rig that needs three blocks to stop.

The other is the guy behind you who totally ignores the fact that you have been signalling a turn and then beeps (or other rude gesture) when they accelerate up your rear end and almost hit you when it dawns on them you are stopped.