Monday, August 17, 2015

No Place for Death

Available now for your Kindle --

Book #3 in the Fred Vickery Mystery series

Originally released in paperback by Berkley Prime Crime in 1996, this book is now available for your Kindle. 

After seventy-three years, change doesn't sit well with Fred Vickery. So he's not about to give up coffee and diner food, no matter what his daughter and his doctor say. Because Fred knows that the secret to staying young is staying happy. As log as there's a mystery to be solved, Cutler, Colorado is heaven on earth. 


Fred hasn't seen much of his in-laws since the death of his wife. But family loyalty prevails when his late wife's niece is accused of murdering her husband. Though rumors of infidelity point to Nancy's guilt, Fred knows that more is going on here than a relationship turned sour. He's determined to uncover the truth, even though the whole town of Cutler--his family included--has joined forces to keep him from getting involved in the case 

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