Monday, October 21, 2013

100 Books: #19 The Winter Lodge

Okay, I'll admit, I sometimes (almost always) judge a book by its cover -- and this one really appeals to me. Honestly, that's the very first thing that made me stop scrolling through the books on my goodreads shelf and pick this book to move from my very, very (embarrassingly) long to-be-read list onto my shorter Plan to Read Before the Next Millennium list.

The second thing is the author. It's by Susan Wiggs. Susan. Wiggs! Have I ever been disappointed by one of her books? Not that I remember. Nope. Pretty sure I haven't been.

And yes, since moving to Florida, I actually do miss winter. At least, I miss the idea of winter. I don't miss the reality of snow and ice and slick roads and falling on my way to my car, but I do miss the idea of snow and cold air and warm fires in the fireplace and the appealing glow of a well-lit house on a cold winter evening, And that brings us back to the cover, which has it all!

So The Winter Lodge finds it way onto my list of 100 Books I Want to Read at #19.

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