Wednesday, March 09, 2011

100 Books: #18 An Affair Before Christmas

Coming in at #18 on the list of 100 Books I want to read is An Affair Before Christmas by the amazing Eloisa James. Okay, sure, I'm late putting this book on my list. But not as late as you might think. It's been on my extended list for a while. Now it's moving from the big, big, I'll-Never-Ever-Read-All-These-Books-if-I-Live-to-120 list to the much smaller list of the top 100.

So why do I want to read this one?

Several reasons. Beginning with the fact that it's Eloisa. And, as everyone in romance circles knows, Eloisa's a bit of a Shakespeare buff. And I happen to love Shakespeare's work. And I haven't read any historical romance for a while, even though for a few years way-back-when all I read was historical romance. And I'm in the mood for a good historical romance. But it has to be a good one because it's been a while and I want to remember why I once loved them. So no pressure Eloisa. No pressure at all :)

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