Thursday, December 16, 2010

2011 TBR Challenge

Once again I'm going to attempt the TBR Challenge. It's hosted by Adam at Roof Beam Reader and the goal is to read 12 books off my to be read list in 12 months. I've posted my list in the sidebar over there --> Now to cross my fingers and hope I actually meet the challenge this year. It's not that I don't read a dozen books in a year. I just don't always remember to look at my list and pick a book from the ones I decided in December I might want to read in June. I'm not that organized, I guess. Or my moods fluctuate too much. Whatever. It's a challenge to meet the challenge :)

How about you? Any great reading or writing challenges you're undertaking or hosting next year? I'd love to hear about them.

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Adam said...

Thanks for taking the challenge with me! A lot of your books sound great - but I haven't heard of many of them, so I look forward to reading your reviews and seeing what they're all about!

Also - quick point of clarification - for the 2011 TBR Challenge, you're actually only afforded two alternates (I see you listed 12). Adjustments can be made up through 12/31/2010, but I thought I would let you know that the final list can't have more than 14 books (your 12 on the challenge + the 2 alternates). Thanks!

Sherry Lewis said...

Well, see what I get for skimming? Okay, I've adjusted my list. Thanks!

Michelle Monkou said...

This is a wonderful idea. I found that as I got deeper in my writing career that I was reading less. Not that I don't have tons of books to pick from in my house, but suddenly it seemed as if I didn't have time or the critic was on over time. Now I've taken several months to recharge while catching up on reading. I'm reading Jane Eyre and it might just be the book to save me from romance writing despair.

Sherry Lewis said...

I found myself doing the same thing, Michelle. After I started writing seriously, my internal editor turned into a real book snob. Finally got her under control, but then I was so busy it was hard to squeeze in time to read every day.

Adam @ Roof Beam Reader said...

Just checking-in on your progress for the 2011 TBR Pile Challenge - how are things going so far?!

Also... BIG Giveaways are happening next week, and TBR Pile Challenge participants earn extra entries for linking to their lists, so be sure to visit my Giveaways section soon! ;)