Wednesday, September 02, 2009

World Card Making Day

Oh the stuff you can learn when you're trying to learn something else. Did you know that there's a World Card Making Day? I had no idea. I knew about Talk Like a Pirate Day (which I do try to celebrate every year because ... well, just because) but card making? Who Knew?
Obviously not me.  

There's even a web site devoted to the day with links to important information that I can't access because I'm not a member. So unless I sign up for a World Card Making Day membership, I will never know the purpose of the day, or get a chance to ponder the various suggestions for celebrating the day. Which is really sad when you think about it, because if I could ponder the suggestions first, I might be more inclined to sign up for that membership.  

Not that I'm much of a scrapbooker. Okay, I'll admit that there's something about the concept that intrigues my creative side,

but there's no time. Although maybe I'd make more time if only I knew what the various benefits of card making were.

It's a conundrum to be sure. One that could keep me from producing pages all day if I let it.
Maybe I should go write instead.
from the blog On My Mind Today

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