Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Things I Need to Finish Before I Leave for RWA's National Conference
1. Figure out what I'm going to wear. Yeah, I know. I can feel some of you rolling your eyes at this one, but this one is really important. We all want to look nice when we're attending a professional conference, and usually it's enough to have a new outfit or two and get your hair cut and your nails done. This year, as RWA's president, I'm going to be Front and Center for the entire conference, which makes it even more important that I have something decent to wear, since I'll be strolling across the stage and standing at the podium and appearing on the big screens in the ballroom. And since airlines are charging for two bags, and since taking three isn't even an option, I have to know what I'm planning to wear, when -- right down to shoes, jewelry, and accessories -- which is about three layers deeper than I usually go when I'm planning what to pack. So no comments or eye-rolling on the wardrobe issue. 2. Figure out what I'm going to say at the opening session, the AGM, the keynote luncheon, the awards luncheon, and anywhere else I'll be expected to say a few words. 3. Finalize invitations for the past-president's annual get-together. 4. Pick up some tissue to use when wrapping gifts for board members and staff. No, I'm not going to tell you what I got them. 5. Finish signing all of the certificates for RITA and Golden Heart finalists. 6. Try to finish the book my editor is patiently (and I do mean patiently) waiting for. It's not a good idea to let your volunteer service to a writer's organization kill your career as an author. 7. Double and triple-check my calendar to make sure I've included everywhere I'm supposed to be and when I'm supposed to be there. The invitations are starting to come in, and I don't want to miss anything! 8. Write my final letter for Romance Sells -- a quarterly publication we provide to booksellers and librarians 9. Convince Angel that I'm not going to leave forever. Already, she's looking at me with those guilt-inducing puppy-dog eyes because the suitcase is still sitting in the bedroom. She knows something is up, and she's not happy about it. 10. Send back the outfit I bought for the Awards Ceremony and then changed my mind about. Wait anxiously for the replacement outfit I've ordered to arrive. 11. Make sure Vanessa ships those board/staff member gifts from Florida to arrive in time. 12. Touch base with conference speakers and parliamentarian for the Annual General Meeting. I should have done this weeks ago. :::sigh::: 13. Everything else that I don't have space to list because 13 spaces aren't nearly enough. I need to get some pictures of Abigail and her parents to carry with me so I don't appear to be the world's worst Ooma. Write my report for board meeting, read, study, and prepare for board meeting, Get my nails done. No, don't. I can't type fast enough with nails. But my nails look like I've been scratching brick walls with them. No. No! My editors have been waiting long enough! who cares what my nails look like? I need function! And obviously the most important item on the list --- hyperventilate....a lot.

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Caryn said...

Wow! And here I was getting nervous about all the stuff I have to do before the conference, but it's nothing compared to your list! Good luck with it all. I'm sure it'll be fabulous.