Monday, July 07, 2008

Manic Monday #5

And the word of the day was "stripes." And the blogger read the word and her mind went blank. Stripes? Stripes! What on earth do I have to say about stripes? Very little, I'm afraid.
  • I don't wear them very often, especially not the horizontal variety.
  • Sometimes I find stripes appealing, and sometimes I don't.
  • I like the striped background on Morgan's Manic Monday icon.
  • This one? Not so much.
  • Then I thought about the Stars and Stripes, and I thought hey! I could say something about flag and country. I have plenty to say, just as I'm sure every American has. But I remained singularly uninspired,
  • In the end, I changed the sheets on my bed. They are not striped.

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