Monday, October 29, 2007

Manic Monday Treats

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My treat this week is that my computer is finally working again! My subscription to Norton expired and I started to install a version of McAfee, only to discover that it wasn't compatible with Windows Vista. I told it to stop installing but, of course, the computer didn't listen to me (my main complaint about Windows these days.) Naturally, the unacceptable version of McAfee played havoc with my computer. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I was able to boot in safe mode and uninstall McAfee, which left the computer running again except IE -- which still isn't running despite my efforts and those of my computer manufacturer's tech support. Of course, this had to happen when I was traveling to Chicago for some CEO training, so I wasn't able to follow through in my normal obsessed fashion, and immediately upon my return home I was inundated by a number of things that kept me from being obsessed about the internet and my computer's ability to function for a few more days. However, last night in a burst of (totally unexpected) brilliance, I remembered that there are other browsers besides IE and downloaded a copy of Mozilla Firefox. I've been happily reattached to the internet ever since!


tegdirb92 said...

welcome back! We have had loads of problems with Vista too--very frustrating. Enjoy your Monday.

Villager said...

Great MM post. I've avoided move to Vista for many reasons such as the one you describe...

There were many directions to go with this week's MM words Trick or Treat. I chose to go with Trick and my MM post this week tells a different story about Black Magic.

peace, Villager

ian said...

Just say Vista.