Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's The Little Things

I'm so excited! I woke up this morning and found that the African Violets on my kitchen windowsill are blooming! I've loved African Violets for a long, long time -- ever since the days when Valerie was a little girl and she gave me one for every special occasion. I'm not sure what made her decide they were the flower for me but, then, I've also never really understood why she bought me a Lee Horsley poster way back when. (I thought she confused him with Tom Selleck. She tells me she thought he was James Brolin.) Anyway, in retrospect, I even became somewhat fond of old Lee. It's the mom in me, I guess. For the same reason, I love African Violets. But even though my history with the flowers is a long one, the fact that I've never actually had more than 3 at a time in my possession (and none at all in the past 10 years or so) probably tells you something about me -- keeping them alive isn't my strong suit, much less keeping them in bloom. I've tried all the usual tricks -- special soil, special fertilizer, special air, special light, special heat. Nothing has ever worked. Maybe because I kept killing them, Valerie stopped giving them to me for Mother's Day and birthdays. This year, feeling a bit nostalgic, I bought a couple for myself. I've tried tending them with loving care. I've even tried actually remembering to water them (which seems to help!) And today their happy little pink and purple blossoms are lighting up my kitchen. Yeah, I'm excited! Sheesh! You'd think I could have moved the dirty bowl from behind the flower before I snapped the picture, wouldn't you? :::sigh::: I guess it's all the excitement Now, if only I could make myself get this excited about pulling weeds out of my garden . . . Currently reading : Our Sacred Honor (Prelude to Glory, 1) (Prelude to Glory) By Ron Carter Release date: By 01 April, 1998

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Darla said...

Hi, I'm Darla! I've read all your time travel books and still have them, they were great reads!

Beautiful purple on your violet...looks like you've gotten over killing them. LOL I didn't even notice the dirty dish until you said something about that a cats feet on the top right?

I grew an african violet in an office I used to work in. It was a tiny one that had a string from the pot to water so it watered itself. I was told at one time by the window washer (who was also a landscaper) that they really love florecent light. Must have been true since my violet did really well in the office.

Will you be writing any more time travel tales or maybe try a paranormal?