Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dear Diary . . .

Once again, I've lost track of time and let an entire month go by without blogging. I think it's because I have so much trouble trying to decide what to blog about. Do readers really want to hear about all my internal struggles as I wrangle my way through a manuscript? Does anyone care what I think about Dancing With the Stars? How much can anyone stand to hear about the Wonder Baby -- who, incidentally, is 14 pounds 14 ounces now and who is beginning to eat baby food! Actually, I log in quite frequently, call up a new post, and then stare at the cursor blinking in the little square while I realize I have absolutely nothing to say. Much as it embarrasses me to admit, I'm afraid most days my blog entries would sound something like the diary I kept when I was 9. Dear Diary... Today I went to school and came home. I did my math and went to bed. Today's version would sound more like this, I'm afraid: Dear Diary... Today I booted up the computer, battled e-mail and ISP problems, read some e-mail, opened my manuscript, wrote a little, did some dishes, and went to bed. Fascinating stuff? Hardly! I guess I could share the news that seems to change almost weekly about when Ian, Vanessa, and the Wonder Child will be leaving us. Earlier this month, we were told they'd receive orders by the end of July and then have 8 months to make arrangements to move. Now, new orders are expected by the end of November, but they won't have nearly so long to make arrangements before they go wherever the Air Force is going to send them. Then there's the on-again, off-again question of whether or not Ian will be deployed to Iraq before he receives orders to change bases. But if I posted the news every time the news changes, you'd all be as confused as I am, so I'm just sort of biding my time, enjoying every minute I get to spend with the kids, and resigining myself to the fact that I'll know when and where they're going when Ian is holding orders in his hands. On the other hand, if you do care what I think about Dancing With the Stars, I'm breathlessly awaiting the results of this week's voting even as I write this. Is Billy Ray leaving, or will it be John? Everyone I personally found expendable has already been voted off, and this is the week it starts to become . . . well, not painful. I'm not obsessed, after all! But if I had to pick one of these two couple to leave it would have to be John and Edyta. (I hope I spelled her name right.) And how about that? It's John and Edyta! Who do I pick to take the whole thing? Two weeks ago, I'd have said Apolo Anton Ono, hands down. Now I'm torn between him and Joey Fatone -- although Ian and Laila have been giving those two a real run for their money lately. It really could be any one of those four. I'm not sure I can choose at this point. So, Dear Diary, that's been my day. I got up, booted up the computer, battled some ISP issues, finally got my e-mail accounts transferred to another hosting service, added some friends to my MySpace page, ate leftover chicken curry, and now I'm going to bed. Just another fascinating day in the life

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