Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Serene And Inviting Office

Three months ago, after a meeting with my critique group, I decided to redo my office and turn it into a peaceful place, a serene place, a place that drew me to it every morning and made me want to spend hours there. After all, writing is what I do. Don't I deserve a serene and inviting place in which to do it? I was so gung-ho, I pulled all of the paper and office supplies out of the closet, jerked out all of the drawers and shelves, piled everything on the floor, and got ready to reorganize. Then my daughter came home and announced that she wanted to get married, which completely derailed my Grand Reorganization Project. Before I could catch my breath after the wedding, my oldest daughter moved back in with her dog and two cats while she restructures her life, my youngest niece got married, and Sherry's Grand Office Redo was left sitting on the side of the road, nose down in a ditch. I came home from Atlanta, spent a few days catching up with myself, then took off to St. George, Utah, for a five-day writing retreat with my dearest friends and critique partners. It was sheer heaven, and we got a lot done but, needless to say, the Serene and Inviting Office Of My Dreams was left in that ditch until I got home. Now, finally!!! I'm ready to get back to my office and the mounds of stuff waiting for me to make sense of it all. But first I have to pick up and deliver dinner to my pregnant daughter and son-in-law, repot the African violets and hanging plants I bought for my entry way, and attend an online chat. But I swear the office is going to be first on my prioirity list . . . tomorrow!

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