Saturday, June 10, 2006

Family . . . Reunion?

Currently Reading: re-reading one of my all-time favorites: CASHELMARA by Susan Howatch I went to a family reunion last night. Drove 120 miles or so round-trip through pouring rain and lightning. Used at least $25 in gas to get there. Bought a $15 veggie tray to take as my shared contribution. Wound my way through flooded streets in the small town where my parents grew up looking for the church where the reunion was being held since we'd been rained out of our usual campground -- only to find that nobody showed up except the people who had planned the reunion. I have at least four cousins who live within spitting distance of that church, and even they didn't show up. Ah, well, those of us who made it had a good time without them. They're probably all up there right now for the second day of the reunion, thinking I'm a big sissy for not being there. But what if they're not? What if today is as big a bust as yesterday? I'm not willing to spend another fortune in gas to find out! A big shout-out to everyone in the family, whether they were at the reunion or not!

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